Ministries: Rev!veLA


Christians who are passionate about Jesus, who desire to see His Spirit move and His Kingdom become manifest on this earth.


Spirit-led, focused intercessory prayer and worship, surrendered hearts, and a passionate pursuit of the will of the Lord.


Every Friday evening from 6:30 pm until the Lord has accomplished His agenda.


134-A State Road 4 between Metzger’s and the Commercial Plaza in White Rock


Because our community, state, and nation are in desperate need of a fresh move of the Spirit of God. In short, we need revival!

What is Rev!veLA?

That’s a great question!

Rev!veLA is a weekly gathering of Christians with a desire to worship Jesus, seek God’s face, pray and intercede for Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico, honor the Holy Spirit, wait on the Lord, exalt His Name over the community, and invite His presence to manifest more fully and completely in our midst.

Our primary focus is on ministering to the Lord as a royal priesthood and exalting His name, not on our personal needs. However, we’re reminded that as we minister to Him, He ministers to us! They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength...(Isaiah 40:31).

Meetings are held at the Northern New Mexico Revival Center (134-A SR 4 in White Rock) every Friday evening from 6:30pm until we feel like the Lord has accomplished His agenda for the evening. Meetings are open to anyone who wants to participate.

We believe that as we humble ourselves, pray, seek the Lord’s face, and turn from our own sin, that God will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). Rev!veLA is an opportunity for us to weekly live that passage of Scripture, both individualy and corporately as the Body of Christ, not simply to believe it.


Foundational Principles

Our desire here at Rev!veLA is to see the Kingdom of God established in our community, just as it is in heaven. We endeavor to shape our gatherings around the following principles:

  1. The Principle of One Church - The Lord really only has One Church in Los Alamos. While we know that His Church is made up of many fellowships, we seek His desire for the entire Body of Christ rather than the vision of one local gathering.
  2. The Principle of the Priesthood - As a kingdom of priests, our first ministry is to the Lord. We begin each meeting with an extended time of worship with the understanding that it is partly through our worship and adoration that we offer ourselves “living sacrifices” to Him (Romans 12:1-2)
  3. The Principle of Sacrifice - The Lord honors those willing to offer their lives to Him and to sacrifice their desires for the good of others. We want to lay down our lives to “stand in the gap” for our community.
  4. The Principle of Agreement - One of the most powerful weapons we have is agreement. We seek to be in agreement with God for His will to be accomplished, rather than in agreement with one another for our own desires or with traditional religious thinking which misses His heart.
  5. The Principle of Worship as Warfare - Our praise and worship is more than just singing songs. We open our spirits to His, become more sensitive to His voice, and create an atmosphere for God to move and battle on our behalf as we worship Him in Spirit and truth.
  6. The Principle of Prevailing Prayer - James tells us that the effectual, fervent prayer of the righteous “avails much” - that is, it makes a huge difference (5:16). Also, the Bible is clear that we will reap if we don’t quit. We will not stop until we see community wide transformation.
  7. The Principle of Unity in Diversity - Each of us are unique individuals with different gifts, anointings, and callings, but all are designed by God to reveal His glory to mankind. Each of us have a different part to play that depends on our individuality.
  8. The Principle of Giving - We understand that God gives to us so that we can give to others. Through Rev!veLA we want God to transform our hearts so that we are less focused on ourselves and more focused on ministering to Him and on the needs of the people around us.
  9. The Principle of Jesus, the Truth - Jesus said that He is the truth. As He did with the Apostle Paul, we want Jesus to transform our theology from information to the Truth that sets people free. We are seeking life-changing encounters with the Living Word of God, that He might impact our community in a deeper way through our lives.
  10. The Principle of Expectancy - Jesus made it clear that when we pray in faith according to His will, we have what we ask. It’s important that we intercede with faith and an expectancy that God is going to respond. Faith pleases His heart, and is the dynamic which connects us to His power.