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Hearing the Voice of God

There are many Christians who accept that Jesus rose from the dead. Surprisingly, however, many of them do not accept that God continues to speak and reveal Himself to His people today. This six session course establishes the Biblical basis for the fact that God desires to, and continues to, communicate with His people. We explore how to hear the Lord more clearly, and keys to accurate discerning.

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00 - Course Intro mp3
01 - God Speaks to People mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
02 - How God Speaks mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
03 - Keys to Accurate Discerning mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
04 - Preparing a Place to Hear mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
05 - Misconceptions About Prophecy mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
06 - Final Considerations mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
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