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The Tabernacle of David

(Acts 15:16-17) refers to God restoring the "Tabernacle of David" so that the "rest of mankind may seek the Lord". Many believers, however, have no idea how that applies to our lives today. This course, along with 14 Davidic Principles seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding David's Tabernacle in order that we might truly become worshippers in Spirit and in truth.

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00 - Course Intro mp3
01 - Historical Foundation mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
02 - Preparation of a Leader mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
03 - After the Ark - The Wrong Way mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
04 - Bringing up the Ark mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
05 - David's Exhortation mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
06 - David's Tabernacle mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
07 - Two Tabernacles mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
08 - Zion mp3 mp3 pdf pdf
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